APRIL 27, 2024



27 APRIL 2024
Moitas – Proença-a-Nova


€45 (80 vacancies)

The backyard is your haven of shelter in Backyard!

A Horizontes Backyard Ultra is an official race on the calendar Backyard Incredibly . An American concept created by Lazarus Lake, organizer of the famous and legendary Barkley Marathons in Frozen Head Nature Park in Tennessee.

The logic of this race is very simple, complete a loop of 6.706 km in a maximum time of 1 hour. Every hour there is a start/departure and everyone has to complete the “Loop” in less than an hour. If someone finishes early, they can rest while waiting for the new “Loop” to begin.

6706 m/turn

1 hour / 1 lap

Restarts every hour

Support in the Backyard

Most laps



Event Details

  • Competition Date: April 27
  • Distance: 6,706 km
  • Positive slope: 130 m/turn

  • Local : Proença-a-Nova
  • Route: Circular
  • Limit time: n / A
  • Time to go: 10: 00h
  • Consecration Ceremony – Test end day

Route Map

What the athletes say…

It was in April 2022 that I made my debut in Backyard. It was in Proença-a-Nova, the first event that announced this modality in Portugal.
It was everything I expected, challenging and very tough!
As Backyard they are very familiar and social events and when empathy is achieved between the Organization, athletes and companions, the conditions for a fantastic environment are created – and that is what happened in the Backyard Incredibly Horizontes.
In October 2022 I returned to Proença-a-Nova's backyard, this time with the immense pride of being one of the 15 athletes who represented Portugal in the World Team Championship.
In 37 countries simultaneously, in a global synchronous event broadcast online, the World Team Championship was held, with the winner of each country gaining the right to be in the USA the following year, at the Individual World Championship.
Once again we were in Proença-a-Nova, where we gave our best, athletes, Organization and support teams.
For the first participation of a Portuguese team, we can consider it a success. And a life experience.

Backyard Ultra – it’s just one more lap.

Alexandre Andrade, Portugal

They say “There is no love like the first”.

My walk with Horizontes started with the Backyard in 2022 and I am happy to participate in all Backyards organized by Horizontes. In 2022, with the Team World Cup, and 2023. Despite having already participated in other Backyards is with Horizontes that I have my personal record, 27 laps.

My experience with Horizontes has been so positive and so rewarding that I end 2023 participating in all the activities of the Horizontes and if everything goes well successfully.

Luiz de Ramos, Portugal


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– The Organization of Horizontes Backyard Ultra is a co-organization of Horizontes Sports Tourism and the Interior Convida Association.


– Participation in Horizontes Backyard Ultra implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these regulations, the ethics of the event and all instructions sent by the organizer to the participants.

– It is essential that participants help anyone in danger and alert the Organization.

3.1 Age of participation

– To participate you must be 18 years old on the day of the race.

3.2 Regularized registration

– The Term of Responsibility is mandatory for all participants, and is accepted by the participant during the registration process.

– To participate in the event, the athlete must have their registration previously regularized within the established deadlines and accept all the rules contained in these regulations.

3.3 Physical conditions

- Each participant, by registering, declares that they are in a physical and mental shape that allows them to face the effort and assume the risk of this activity.

3.4 Respect for participants, organizers and others

– Anyone who does not respect the participants, organizers, partners and everyone involved, directly or indirectly in the event, will be expelled from the event and the Organization reserves the right to file a complaint with the competent authorities, based on the severity.

4.1 Registration process

– The registration fee is €45 and includes VAT at the current rate.

– Registration takes place on the website: www.horizontes. Pt

– Registration closes on April 15, 2024, or until the 80 available places are filled.

– Each participant must correctly fill out the registration form, with the participant being responsible for the veracity of their data.

– Payment must be made within 5 days of registration. After this period, unpaid registrations will be canceled.

NOTE: The invoice must be sent by email to the Organization, within 15 days after payment, in accordance with the law, indicating the name, address and taxpayer number.

4.2 Cancellation/change of registration conditions

– Until the registration deadline, changes of holder are permitted. Cancellation must be requested by email to info@horizontes. Pt

– In case of withdrawal by the participant, the amount of this edition will be credited to the same athlete or another athlete indicated, exclusively for the 2025 edition of the Horizontes Backyard Ultra, according to the following table:

Cancellation Table

Cancellation Credit amount
Until March 31/24 75%
From April 1st inclusive 0%

Note: No cash refunds

4.3 Regularized registration includes:

– Dorsal / Identification Number / BIB

– DNF T'shirt, regardless of the number of laps (minimum one lap)

– Personal list of lap times.

– Lot of photographs from the event

– Diploma of participation.

4.4 Insurance

– The Organization contracts mandatory insurance, in accordance with Decree-Law No. 10/2009 of January 12, for this type of event, with the premium included in the registration fee. Payment of the insurance deductible, in the event of an accident, is the sole responsibility of the athletes.

– The claim must be reported to the insurer within a maximum of eight working days from the date of the claim. After this date, the insurer reserves the right not to accept said participation.

– Any and all expense documents related to a claim already reported will be paid in advance by the respective victim (participant) and their originals sent to the insurer for subsequent reimbursement.

– The Organization will not assume expenses for claims of which it was not aware in a timely manner to report. If the participant seeks hospital care on their own without any knowledge of the Organization, the insurance will not be activated and the participant will have to pay 100% of the expenses incurred.

– Although the Organization provides insurance for all participants, it is advisable that they have personal insurance that covers the practice of trail-running and that at the time of assistance, they check which insurance is most advantageous in covering expenses arising from the situation.

4.5 Image rights

– Acceptance of this regulation necessarily implies that the participant authorizes the race organizers to record all or part of their participation in it, it also presupposes their agreement so that the organization can use the athlete’s image for promotion and dissemination of evidence in all its forms (radio, written press, video, photography, internet, posters, social media, etc.), and assigns all rights to its commercial and advertising exploitation, which it deems appropriate to carry out, without right, on the part of the athlete, to receive any economic compensation.

4.6 Complaints

– All complaints must be presented in writing, signed and delivered before the closing ceremony, with irregularities demonstrated by video footage or photographs or witnesses.

4.7 Interpretation of the Regulation

– Participants registered in the Horizontes Backyard Ultra agree to participate, voluntarily and under their own responsibility, in the competition. Therefore, they exempt, waive, agree not to claim or demand from the organization, collaborators, authorities, sponsors and other participants, any liability towards them and their heirs, in anything that exceeds the coverage of their responsibilities, that of their collaborators and participants.

– All doubts regarding the interpretation of the Regulations and other cases related to the event will be analyzed and decided by the Event Organization.

– It is the sole responsibility of the Organization to approve any correction it deems appropriate, at any time, which will be published on the Internet, on the event's official website, in the participant guide and at the secretariat.

– If this Regulation is published in other languages ​​and in case of doubts regarding its interpretation, the Portuguese text will be the only one considered valid.

– The Organization, in cases of bad weather, and/or for safety reasons, reserves the right to interrupt, change times, suspend or cancel the test on the scheduled date and location. In these cases, there will be no refund to competitors of funds already paid or to sponsors.

– Cases omitted from this regulation will be resolved by the organizing committee, whose decisions will not be appealed.

– The Justice Forum of the Organization's domicile is hereby established.


A Horizontes Backyard Ultra is an official race on the calendar Backyard Ultra. An American concept created by Lazarus Lake and which today is repeated in many countries. This is also the organizer of the famous and legendary Barkley Marathons in Tennessee's Frozen Head Nature Park.

The principle of this race is very simple. Complete a loop of 6.706 km in a maximum time of 1 hour.

– Every hour there is a start/departure and everyone has to complete the “Loop” in less than an hour. If someone finishes early, they can rest while waiting for the new “Loop” to begin. Example: if you complete the first circuit in 45 minutes, you will have 15 minutes before the next match. If you complete the circuit in 58 minutes, you will have a 2-minute break before the next match.

– The objective is to complete the maximum number of laps/hours.

– The winner is the last person to complete the “Loop” in time. If no one manages to complete the last lap in less than an hour, this edition will be without a winner.

Why the distance of 6.706 km?

What Lazarus Lake intended was that, after 24 hours, a total of 100 miles (almost 161 km) would be completed.

A Horizontes Backyard it was one of the first races of its kind held in Portugal.

5.1 External help

– Help from third parties is only allowed in the rest area, which will be right next to the Start/Finish area. Each participant will be able to have all the help they want in this area, but will not be able to be helped during the return to the route.

– Support teams will have a maximum of 2 people, and the Organization may at any time limit it to just 1 or increase it. Everything will depend on the number of participants throughout the race.

5.2 Back | Breastplate

– To “Check In” participants must present an identification document.

– The secretariat will be open up to 30 minutes before the start.

– We recommend that you do it the day before, so you can take the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the other athletes.

– All participants will be informed of the event schedule via digital means: email, event website and social media. At no time will printed information be produced on paper.

– The athlete must wear his bib at the beginning of the race and keep it until the end. In the absence of a visible number at the beginning or end of each lap, the participant will be disqualified.

– Electronic identifiers must be placed in accordance with the information provided by the Organization. If this does not happen, and the identifier is not read, it is considered a lap not completed and disqualified.

5.3 Mandatory material

– Footwear and clothing suitable for off-road running and depending on the weather conditions. Road running shoes adapt to the type of terrain, but the choice is up to the participant.

– Red front and rear lights from 20:00 pm to 7:30 am. This schedule may be changed by the Organization, whenever existing conditions require it.

5.4 Highly recommended equipment

– Cell phone (Especially at night or when there are few runners in the race, as it minimizes the time needed to provide help.)

– The remaining material to be used in each lap is the responsibility of the runner, to adapt it to the circumstances existing on that day and at that time. In the Departure/Arrival area you can have a bag with everything you consider necessary.

* The use of poles and headphones is prohibited.

5.5 Timing / Classification / Awards

– Only the total number of final laps is considered for the classification. The time for each lap is irrelevant. It will only be informative.

– The last person to complete a full lap, within 60 minutes, is declared the winner and the event ends, the rest of the participants are treated as DNF.

– If no one manages to complete the final lap alone in time, the winner will not be declared.

6.1 On-site logistics

– Each test can last several days and nights, depending on the resistance of the participants. Runners are independent when it comes to their personal logistics and can take with them a suitcase with all the material they consider necessary, except poles.

– In the Departure/Arrival area there are sanitary facilities for the exclusive use of participants.

6.2 Games

– Each start takes place exactly 1 hour after the previous start.

– At the beginning, all participants must be in the Starting Zone, otherwise it will be impossible to start the lap. Therefore, any late check-out is prohibited.

– Participants will be notified of the start of each Loop, through acoustic signals: 3 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute before.

6.3 The Turns | Loops

– Participants can only leave the route to satisfy physiological needs and will have to return to the starting point.

– Personal assistance is not permitted during the lap.

– Each lap must be completed within the stipulated time, including the final lap.

– The use of artificial means, such as sticks or any other support, such as canes, is prohibited. “Phones”, for reasons of safety and attention to the instructions that will be given, are prohibited.

– Slower participants must facilitate the passage, whenever necessary, to faster ones.

– Any deviation from the marked circuit will result in the rider’s disqualification.

– The circuit will not be closed to the traffic of motor vehicles or other vehicles, therefore, all participants are obliged to comply with road traffic rules, being responsible for any infractions they may commit, and must respect the passage of livestock, people and vehicles.

6.4 Rescue / Health

– Participants must help each other. If a problem occurs and the runner is unable to return to the Start/Finish area by their own means, they must alert the Organization, which will have the means of intervention. If the situation is serious, never leave the injured person alone under any circumstances.

– Any violation of these basic rules of good conduct may be sanctioned with the elimination of the athlete who commits the violation.

– Any member of the medical team, or of the Organization, may interrupt or prevent the continuation of the race by a participant who is considered not to be in adequate physical or mental health conditions to continue. If the runner insists on continuing, he will do so at his own risk and will not be qualified.

– Even with an active number, participants run under their own responsibility, the first person responsible for their safety is the runner himself, the Organization uses all means to ensure that participation has the lowest possible risk.

– Whenever a participant decides to abandon the race, the Organization must be notified. In case of injury or inability to return to the destination by your own means, help will be requested from the Organization that will manage the rescue. Emergency contact telephone numbers will be printed on the ID number.


26/04/2024 – Friday


18:00 - 20:00
Opening of the secretariat in Proença-a-Nova (location to be informed in the Participant Guide)


Table Talks. Dinner and conversations about everything and everyone.

27/04/2024 - Saturday

09:00 - 10:30
Secretariat in Proença a Nova.

11:00 – Departure for the first round

Day, … April, right after the end of the race, we will have the awards ceremony.

Results from previous years

Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time Yard Kilometers Traveled
1 Hugo Alves 25 POR M 24:31:22 29 194,474
2 David Faustino 15 POR M 25:06:59 28 187,768
3 Zequiel Freitas 57 POR M 20:25:31 24 160,944
4 Alexandru Burka 51 MDA M 17:01:51 22 147,532
5 Sergio catarino 7 POR M 17:33:09 19 127,414
6 Isabel Miller 16 POR F 14:45:56 18 120,708
7 Luiz Ramos 6 POR M 15:40:14 18 120,708
8 Christian Ferreira 58 POR F 12:49:36 16 107,296
9 Nuno Martins 68 POR M 13:17:53 16 107,296
10 Daniel Ferraz 59 POR M 12:27:24 15 100,59
11 Nuno Monteiro 67 POR M 12:47:48 15 100,59
12 Francisco Fonseca 48 POR M 12:52:59 15 100,59
13 Stevan pavlovic 54 FRA M 10:44:11 13 87,178
14 Gabriel Silva 63 POR M 11:07:56 13 87,178
15 Michael Rice 31 POR M 12:00:11 13 87,178
16 Nicola Rice 32 POR M 12:00:50 13 87,178
17 Pedro Silva 52 POR M 10:17:28 12 80,472
18 António paprika 66 POR M 07:43:34 10 67,06
19 Marco Scallop 62 POR M 08:28:56 10 67,06
20 Andre Nunes 65 POR M 07:28:42 9 60,354
21 Bruno Sousa 60 POR M 07:39:16 9 60,354
22 George Gomes 69 POR M 05:55:05 8 53,648
23 Marco fall 61 POR M 05:49:11 7 46,942
24 Luis Ferreira 18 POR M 06:13:00 7 46,942
25 Miguel Beautiful 55 POR M 04:05:10 5 33,53
Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time Yard Kilometers Traveled
1 Hugo Alves POR M 29:39:14 36 241,38
2 Jose Monsanto POR M 30:37:22 35 234,68
3 Antonio Lent POR M 26:47:02 33 221,27
4 Nuno Guimaraes POR M 26:32:18 32 214,56
5 Fabio Barbosa POR M 26:10:15 31 207,86
6 Other Pereira POR M 24:35:38 30 201,15
7 Antonio Martins POR M 22:38:33 27 181,04
8 Alexandre Andrade POR M 24:07:28 27 181,04
9 Luis Ramos POR M 24:30:14 27 181,04
10 Antonio Aires POR M 22:52:22 25 167,63
11 Hugo Santos POR M 20:50:50 24 160,92
12 Vitor Milk POR M 17:49:21 21 140,81
13 Antonio Pinto POR M 16:02:57 19 127,4
14 Sergio catarino POR M 16:44:14 18 120,69
15 Amaro Teixeira POR M 15:45:49 18 120,69
Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time Yard Kilometers Traveled
1 António Martins 43 POR M 33:45:32.930 34 228
2 António Pinto 46 POR M 32:50:59.220 33 221.29
3 António Lent 22 POR M 31:49:58.220 32 214.59
4 Hugo Alves 25 POR M 29:51:47.870 30 201.18
5 Sergio catarino 7 POR M 28:56:19.270 29 194.47
6 António Aires 11 POR M 27:59:07.930 28 187.76
7 Andre Pereira 13 POR M 24:48:57.270 25 167.65
8 David Faustino 15 POR M 24:55:03.370 25 167.65
9 Manual equipment 38 POR M 23:43:12.20 24 160.94
10 Helium Costa 23 POR M 23:47:37.670 24 160.94
11 Rogério palmeiro 24 POR M 23:47:38.970 24 167.65
12 Isabel Miller 16 POR F 23:49:19.250 24 160.94
13 Alexandre Andrade 9 POR M 23:57:18.20 24 160.94
14 José Monsanto 10 POR M 23:57:18.320 24 160.94
15 Amaro Teixeira 19 POR M 19:55:32.480 20 134.12
16 Luis Ramos 6 POR M 19:57:16.950 20 134.12
17 Francisco Lemos 42 POR M 17:51:39.550 18 120.7
18 Bruno fountain 40 POR M 17:52:47.430 18 120.7
19 Ezekiel Rice 41 POR M 16:54:45.130 17 114
20 Daniel Two saints 30 FRA M 15:57:11.690 16 107.29
21 Antonio Andion 44 ESP M 14:50:41.400 15 140.82
22 Eva Hochbauer 17 ROU F 14:55:02.120 15 100.59
23 Luis Ferreira 18 POR M 14:56:00.780 15 100.59
24 Fábio Lamas 3 POR M 13:47:52.810 14 93.88
25 Antonio amorim 47 POR M 13:49:30.790 14 93.88
26 Miguel Nunes 33 POR M 12:48:29.400 13 87.17
27 Paulo Roque 14 POR M 12:53:24.950 13 87.17
28 Bruno Augusto 77 POR M 12:57:23.910 13 87.17
29 Pedro Fox 35 POR M 11:37:08.120 12 80.47
30 Luis Martins 29 POR M 11:41:08.440 12 80.47
31 Paulo Paredes 12 POR M 11:56:40.60 12 80.47
32 Michael Rice 31 POR M 11:56:40.190 12 80.47
33 Nicola Rice 32 POR M 11:56:45.240 12 80.47
34 Rui Stones 21 POR M 10:53:14.870 11 73.76
35 Manual Rodrigues 39 POR M 09:38:50.80 10 67.06
36 Pedro Neves 36 POR M 09:49:29.40 10 67.06
37 Helder Baptist 37 POR M 09:51:40.390 10 67.06
38 James Van Zeller 45 POR M 07:42:04.120 8 53.64
39 Pedro Bôto 20 POR M 07:47:40.850 8 53.64
40 James Santos 50 POR M 07:47:45.270 8 53.64
41 Rui Luz 2 POR M 06:32:40.770 7 46.94
42 George Serrazine 26 POR M 06:49:22.680 7 46.94
43 Kyrylo kryve 49 UKR M 06:51:26.190 7 46.94
44 Christian Maibohm 5 THE M 06:55:44.510 7 46.94
45 Paulo Brito 8 POR M 04:43:31.10 5 33.53
46 Eduardo Pinto 4 POR M 02:56:54.730 3 20.11
47 George Cherry tree 34 POR M 01:57:52.0 2 13.41
48 Cristovao Martins 27 POR M 00:00:00.0 0 0
49 Luis Ax 28 POR M 00:00:00.0 0 0
50 John Cuciula 48 ROU M 00:00:00.0 0 0
51 John Thomas 88 POR M 00:00:00.0 0 0


How long does the route have to be?

Officially it will have to be 6706 meters. The first objective is that at the end of the 24th lap you have completed 100 miles in one day.

And what is the positive slope?

In the two previous editions it was around 130 meters. Our objective, in the future, is to reduce this gap to much lower values. It's not an easy task, but it's possible.

Can I have assistance along the way?


Assistance from third parties on the race route is prohibited. This support is only possible upon arrival and at locations designated by the Organization.

How long do I have to complete the lap?

60 minutes.

Departures will always be at the right time and all at the same time. Our first round is scheduled for 11am on 28/04/2023. Anyone who is not there at that time is out of the competition.

Are there any signs to mark the starts?


There will be three beeps at 3, 2 and 1 minute from the start to the return. Anyone who is not in the “corral” when the bell rings, at the right time, is disqualified.

Who wins the race?

To win, all other competitors will have to give up. If only one remains, that member will have to complete the entire lap within the regulatory 60 minutes. If this happens you will be declared the winner and all others DNF.

…what if everyone gives up and the final athlete does not complete the distance within the regulatory time or abandons the race?

In this case they will all be DNF and there will be no winners.