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July 20, 21, 22, AND 23, 2023



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July 20, 21, 22, AND 23, 2023



This event aims to combine the spirit of adventure in nature, tourism and sport. It will be held from 20 to 23 July 2023.

The PT281+ Ultramarathon Portugal is organised by Horizontes Turismo Desportivo e Viagens and the Associação Interior Convida, with the support of the Proença-a-Nova, Belmonte and Sabugal.

The PT281+ Ultramarathon is a recreational/sports event, pedestrian in nature with mountain characteristics. It takes place on footpaths using footpaths, forest trails, rural paths, footpaths, and asphalt roads. The itinerary is done on foot and in the shortest time possible, guided by GPS. In some cases, the organisation may use fixed and mobile markings on the terrain to facilitate the reading of the route to follow.

The purpose of this regulation is to guarantee equal conditions for all. The guiding principles of the regulation are as simple as: play fair, be safe and respect the space where you are.


Although there are no requirements for participation in the race, the organization reserves the right not to accept the registration whenever it considers that the interested party does not meet the minimum requirements for participation.



The medical document attesting your physical condition must be inserted in the website in a link that will be announced soon
 [Medical Certificate]  – Click to download the document
Participation is open to any participant over 18 years old
Term of responsibility for all the races, must be inserted in the website in a link soon to be announced.
[Estatement of responsability]– Click to download the document


To make the ”Check In” the participants must present the following documents:

Identification document or Passport.
The athlete’s kit must be collected by the participant himself.


[Click here to upload the mandatory documents]



1/11/22 a 31/12/22

1st Period

01/01/23 a 15/04/23

2nd Period

16/04/23 a 30/06/23

3rd Period


€ 360,00

€ 410,00

€ 450,00


€ 648,00

€ 738,00

€ 810,00


  • For payments in installments, please send an email to geral@horizontes.pt, to receive more information
  • Attendance gift
  • Assistance and supplies of liquids and solids in all the support bases
  • Protection and help service along the race.
  • Transfers from Proença-a-Nova to Belmonte – Day 20/07/23
  • Finisher Prize
  • Consecration party
  • Personal accident and civil responsibility insurance
  • Massages and Red Cross nursing services in some Support Bases.
  • Transfers from Lisbon (Train) to Vila Velha de Ródão – 19/07/23
  • Transfers from Vila Velha de Ródão (Bus) to Proença a Nova – 19/07/23
  • Transfers from Proença-a-Nova (Bus) to Vila Velha de Ródão – 24/07/23
  • Transfers from Vila Velha de Ródão (Train) to Lisbon – 24/07/2023
  • Price per athlete – 40€.

No changes to the participants’ data are allowed after 30 June 2023.

In case of withdrawal, the amount of this edition will be credited to the same athlete or to another indicated by him/her, exclusively for the 2024 edition of the PT 281 Ultramarathon, according to the following table:


Amount in credit

Until 31 January/23


Until 31 March/23


Until 31 May/23


Until 30 June/23



There will be no cash refunds.


The route will have to be done in semisufficiency and guided by GPS. This means that the route will not be signposted.

The total length of the route is 281 km, 6,733 D+ and with a time limit of 66 hours for completion. These figures can be adjusted. Final figures will be sent out up to eight days before the race.

The route crosses a historical and natural landscape of Beira Baixa – Portugal and starts in Belmonte and finishes in Proença-a-Nova.


The GPS, besides acting as your guide on the terrain, will be through it that the confirmation of your route will be made. Failure to hand in the equipment at the end of the race to download it will result in disqualification.

It is mandatory equipment and must have as its main requirement its autonomy and the possibility to record at least 10.000 points.

The equipment must have the possibility to change batteries at any time during the race.

The GPS is the only guarantee that the route to be followed is the correct one.

The organization will supply the tracks with the necessary time to analyze and enter them into the GPS. If any doubts persist don’t worry because the organization will have a helpful solution.



Participation is only possible on an individual basis.



The participation is possible in teams composed by 2 elements, male, female and mixed, in relay.

The first athlete to start has to cover the first 2 bases from Belmonte to Penamacor.

In the relay races, the relay exchange is up to each team and only possible in the support bases indicated by the organization. It is compulsory that each runner must make at least one connection between Control Posts.

The registered teams will have to provide their own transport between the support bases of their elements. The organisation is exempt from this obligation. In the race, only one competitor may be in the race. The substitute must go to the announced substitution point and make the exchange there.

It is the responsibility of the athletes to confirm the arrival and announce the departure of the other element.

Independently of running a shorter distance, all obligations remain the same as if it was a solo athlete.

The withdrawal of an element does not prevent the remaining participants to continue in the race. However, they will not be classified nor will they have finisher prizes.

The support bases with food will be for the athletes in competition and not for the other participants that are not in competition. Remember that only the participant in the race needs to feed himself, as he has no chance to get food outside the bases. The other participants are on the move with their own vehicles and can get food easily.

Only 1 GPS will be used, this will be the testimonial for athlete exchange.


Along the course, there will be refueling stations, and support bases, with food and drink that must be consumed on-site. Each runner must ensure that they have the necessary amount of food and water to be self-sufficient until the next post.

Plastic cups will not be provided, at any of the support points; runners must have their own cups or another personal container suitable for that purpose.


Support on the course, when premeditated, is prohibited and will immediately disqualify the participant. However, all athletes may buy or receive solid and liquid food in the places they pass by.

Each runner is allowed a maximum of two assistants at the support bases. The assistants must not disturb the other runners or the volunteers working at these sites and must carry the identifications provided by the organization.

The presence of the support teams is only allowed a maximum of two elements inside the Bases and only with the presence of the participant.

The athlete must enter the Bases and remove the drinks and food that he/she needs and may proceed to the place of his/her support.

Attention: Assistants cannot consume the food and drink destined for the runners, without the proper authorization from the organization.


Attention: In the last stretch between the last Support Base and the Finish Line, anyone is allowed to run with the athlete.

He/she can only accompany the athlete, without helping him/her with any other kind of help such as: carrying the backpack, pushing or towing the athlete.

Pacers are forbidden in the PT281 Ultramarathon.

Athletes running unidentified next to the participant are not allowed. Whenever this happens, demand that the participant moves away. This is the only way to help you finish the race unscathed. The penalty in these cases is a disqualification.

Participants who sign up only to serve as a “hare” to another, whenever they are identified as such, will both be forced to withdraw from the race.

The support team members are only allowed to run in the 200 meters before and after the support bases.


Upon entering the race, each runner commits to carry all the mandatory material. Failure to comply with any of the obligations disqualifies the participant.

  • Backpack or fanny pack
  • GPS and backup batteries
  • Identity card
  • Water tank(s) with a minimum capacity of 1.5liters
  • Two lighting systems for the front with the possibility of changing the batteries.
  • Rear light (indicator to indicator)
  • 2 Survival blankets
  • Whistle
  • Mobile phone (add the organization’s security numbers. Do not hide the number and make sure the battery is fully charged before going out)



  • Hat
  • Change of clothing
  • Pocket knife
  • Sun cream
  • Sun Glasses
  • Insect repellent

The confirmation of the equipment will be made in the following places;

  • Zero Control – One hour before departure
  • Along the route and without previous warning
  • At the support bases.
  • At the end of the race.

Each dorsal is given individually and upon presentation of identification with a photo. Participation identifications will only be given to the participants.

The support teams will be given identifiers for their own use and in the vehicles.

The athlete’s identifiers must be visible from the front or back.

The support team identifiers must always be legible.

The dorsal is necessary to have access to transport services, refueling, rescue and rest rooms, bags, etc.


The organization will give all participants labels and bags, with the respective dorsal number, to identify the bags that will be transported to the various support bases. It is up to the athlete to put the number of the support base where he wants that bag.

Fragile or valuable objects should not be placed in bags.

For the objects that you need at the finish line, please do not put them in intermediate support bags. Those should be carried from the start to the finish.

The coaster bags can be delivered only on the last day of the race. Only in exceptional cases will the bags be transported to the finish line before the last participant passes the coaster.

The organization declines any responsibility for the loss or damage of any objects during transportation. It assures the greatest care with all the belongings that will be delivered to you.


In all the support bases there are services needed to give assistance to any person in difficulty.

The doctors, nurses, or first-aid workers are authorized to withdraw from the competition any participant who they consider unfit to continue. Rescue teams are authorized to remove from the race, by any means at their disposal, any runners they believe to be in danger.

Any runners who request the services of a doctor or first aider submit to their authority and undertake to accept any decisions made.


The participant must confirm the registration of his passage at all the checkpoints and support bases

Only runners with their dorsal number visible will have access to the refueling points.

The Participant’s Guide, which can also be downloaded online, will contain precise indications of the checkpoints and Support bases.

The organization reserves the right to carry out controls at any other points along the route.


The maximum time to finish the race is 66 hours.

The time barriers, for entry and exit of each of the main support points, will be indicated in the participant’s guide.

These deadlines are calculated in order to allow the participants to reach the finish line within the deadline.

The time barriers take into account the stop times for refueling and rest.

To be allowed to continue with the race, runners must enter and leave the support bases, or checkpoints, within the time set by the organization.

In case of bad weather conditions and/or safety reasons, the organizers reserve the right to suspend the race or make changes to the established time limits in order to accommodate everyone’s interests.


At the support bases, runners may stop for a prolonged rest, as long as they leave within the time limit established as a time barrier.

Sleeping is fundamental for your comfort and safety.

Whenever you need to sleep outside the support bases, you must inform the organization or do it very close to the course line, preferably in a place where runners passing by will see you.

In the support bases marked by the organization you can, besides sleeping, take baths. Some of the places will have showers with hot or cold water, to recover energy.


Runners who decide not to continue the race must continue, whenever possible, to the nearest support base and inform the organizers of their decision.


Along the course, race juries are authorized to check runners’ compliance with the regulations and immediately inform race management of any violations that occur. Juries may apply the penalties specified in the table below:


Lack of mandatory safety equipment: whistle, survival blanket, two headlamps, water tank(s) with a minimum capacity of 1.5 liters, mobile phone – 4 HOURS TIME PENALTY

Refusal to pass a check – DISCLASSIFICATION

Runner or support team littering – DISCLASSIFICATION

Use of means of transport; sharing or exchanging dorsal numbers; not passing a checkpoint; use of doping substances or refusal to do screening tests; failure to help a runner in difficulty; insulting language, bad manners, and threats, are grounds for disqualification – DISCLASSIFICATION

Using tracks other than the ones signaled for the race, intentionally short-circuiting the course (Race Director’s decision) – 4 HOURS TIME PENALTY

Disobey the orders of the Race Director, judges, doctors, or other elements identified as an organization – DISCLASSIFICATION

Departure from a control post after the established time – DISCLASSIFICATION

Disqualification means that the runner must leave the race immediately. The disqualified runner will have his identification number removed. Should the participant decide to continue in the race it will be his own responsibility.

Penalties will be applied by adding 4 hours to the final time, thus allowing the runner to finish the race.

Irregularities demonstrated by video footage, and photographs sent to the organizers, even after the race, may result in disqualification or penalties.


All complaints must be in writing, signed, and delivered before the closing ceremony, with irregularities demonstrated by the video footage or photographs, or witnesses.


The organization reserves the right, at any time and without prior warning, to make changes to the route, the location of the support bases, or the time barriers.

The organization, in cases of bad weather and/or safety reasons, reserves the right to postpone the start of the race by a maximum of 24 hours. After that, the race will be canceled.

It also reserves the possibility to interrupt, change schedules or suspend the race on the scheduled date and place. In these cases, there will be no refund to competitors or sponsors.

Attention: in times of pandemic caused by the contamination of the COVID-19 virus, if the event is not allowed by the authorities, all confirmed registrations will be carried over to the 2024 edition.


Participants will be automatically insured, according to the Decree Law nº 10/2009, 12th January.

In case of an accident, the participant must, in the first place, contact the organization, which will arrange for his referral to the nearest medical institution.

The payment of the insurance excess, in case of an accident, is the exclusive responsibility of the athletes.

The costs will be borne by the injured person and reimbursed later by the insurance company.

The organization declines any kind of payment.

The organization will not assume the costs of claims, of which it did not become aware in time to activate the insurance.

ATTENTION: In the event of a claim, the insurance must be activated within 24 hours after the event and the organization informed.


The files for GPS, KML or GPX, time barriers and other information will be part of the Participant’s Guide, which will be sent by e-mail 8 days before the race. They will be available, from then on, for download in the event page: http://pt281.com.


For the security of the Competitors, the Organisation will provide them with devices for monitoring their geographical positioning, the trackers.

Any damage to or loss of the tracker on its return to the organizers will be the responsibility of the competitor who was carrying it.

The non-return of the equipment or the return of the damaged equipment at the end of the race obliges the competitor who was carrying it to pay for its repair or replacement, which may amount to 150.00 Euros (one hundred and fifty Euros).

Any competitor who refuses to transport the tracker or fails to transport it to the place indicated by the Organisation will have his stage canceled.


The winner of the race will be the runner or team that needs the shortest time to reach the finish line.

There are no cash prizes.

Each runner who completes the race will be given a “finisher” prize.

An overall ranking will be drawn up of all participants, as well as rankings for men and women, doubles and mixed doubles.

Prizes will be awarded to the top five men and women in the overall ranking.

The solo winners will be consecrated as absolute winners of the PT281+ Ultramarathon Portugal. They will be the only ones to bear the PT281+ Ultramarathon Portugal winners’ label. All others must add the relay category.


The PT281+ Ultramarathon Portugal Organisation, sponsors, and the entities that collaborate in the organization of this sporting event reserve the right to freely use, in all countries and in all forms, the participation of the competitors, as well as their results.

The competition may be videotaped and/or photographed by the event organizers and journalists for later use for publicity purposes.

The participants who have any restrictions concerning the use of their image must notify the Organization in advance and in writing. Otherwise, they will automatically authorize the use at any time, without the right to receive financial compensation from the Organization.


The PT281+ Ultramarathon Portugal Organisation cannot be held responsible for accidents and their consequences, whether they were caused by the competitors or the victims, whether or not they came from the race. Likewise, there shall be no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of infractions of laws, regulations, and codes in force, which shall be borne by the offenders.

Participants will be responsible for all actions susceptible to producing material, moral or health damages to themselves and/or third parties.

The Organisation declines all responsibility in case of accident, negligence, or theft, as well as of the objects and valuables of each participant.

All questions about the interpretation of the Regulation and other cases related to race will be analyzed and decided by the Event Organization.

The present regulation will not be modified in its generality.

It is the exclusive responsibility of the Organisation to approve any correction it considers appropriate and at any time, which will be disclosed on the Internet, on the official web page of the event, in the participant’s guide, and at the secretariat.

Any cases not foreseen in these Rules, as well as any doubts arising from their interpretation, will be analyzed and decided by the event’s Organization.

In case this Regulation is published in other languages and in case of doubts concerning its interpretation, the Portuguese text will be the only valid one.

The PT281+ Ultramarathon Portugal organization reserves the right to apply penalties, which may include disqualification or exclusion from the event, to any competitor who does not respect the spirit of these regulations to the letter, or who, in any way, damages the good name, image, and prestige of the event or any of its promoters. No responsibility can be attributed to the Organizers for any damage that may result from a decision of this type.

By registering, paying, and participating in the PT281+ Ultramarathon Portugal, the competitor recognizes that he has read, understood, and accepted, without any reservations, the terms and conditions of participation in the event, as stated in the Race Rules.

It is hereby established the Justice Forum of the domicile of the Horizons Company.





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