22 to 24 NOVEMBER 2024
Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil


24 to 26 NOVEMBER 2023
Rio Grande do Sul


BRL 1900*(from)

Extremo Sul Ultramarathon

The longest beach in the world, from south to north!

226km of an immense beach, on a tremendous sand plain, in an inhospitable, climatically unstable place with enormous contrasts. 54 hours maximum time to travel the route between sand and sea, in a corridor that can sometimes seem infinite and psychologically exhausting.

A Extremo Sul Ultramarathon, is a race in self-sufficiency among the various bases set up by the Organization, but which exposes, year after year, the weaknesses of human beings when trying to control the forces of mother nature. Therefore, a real capacity for self-sufficiency for the entire race and not just for the distances between bases, is highly recommended.

The longest beach in the world, extremo sul do Brasil, which connects Barra do Chui, in the Municipality of Santa Vitória to Cassino, in Rio Grande, is not an ordinary beach. It is a world of stories, struggles, difficulties, overcoming, but also of knowledge, evasion and a lot of transformation. We are absolutely certain that you will never be the same after facing this horizontal abyss.

226 km

54 hours

non Stop


beach of the world

Rio Grande do Sul


Event Information

  • Reception for athletes: 21 November 2024
  • Competition Date: 22 to 24 November 2024
  • Distance: 226 km
  • Positive slope: 130m
  • Starting point: Chui (Rio Grande)

  • Arrival point: Casino (Rio Grande)

  • Route: Linear
  • Limit time: 54 hours
  • Departure date: 22 November 2024
  • Time to go: 10: 00h
  • Consecration Ceremony: 24 November 2024
  • Ceremony time: 18: 00h

Support Bases Location Distance (km) Accumulated (km) Cut-off time Date
BA 1 Hermenegildo 23,5 23,5 15:30 24/11/2023
BA 2 Mundai Beach 37,1 60,6 23:30 24/11/2023
BA 3 albardão 37 97,6 08:30 25/11/2023
BA 4 Mundai Beach 35 132,6 16:30 25/11/2023
BA 5 Sarita 35,8 168,4 02:30 26/11/2023
BA 6 Pinus 25,3 193,7 09:00 26/11/2023
BA 7 Arrival 32,3 226 16:00 26/11/2023

Map and Altimetry

What the athletes say…

Returning to Brazil with a great experience of life and the warmth of the people of Rio Grande has a unique solution.

Giuseppe de Rosa, Italy

Me, the sea, the sun, the nights, the stars, moments of pain, moments of joy, of great overcoming, and of great involvement with nature.

There I learned how small we are in the face of the immensity of the largest stretch of beach in the world. Memories that I will carry with me forever.

When we reach our limit... that's when we see what we are capable of!!! It made me stronger, more human.

Thank you Extremo Sul Ultramarathon

Gregorio Silva, Brazil

During many hours of solitude in both editions, God held my hand and said “come on, I’ll hold you tight”.

I became a better person, I reworked some thoughts I had about things and people and I realized that good always wins and love prevails.

Mara, Brazil
The magic spreads over Albardão and Sarita. Witnessing the sunset, feeling the heat of the sun at dawn are unique sensations that are similar to the touch of God.

The event goes beyond simple competition, there is a harmony between athletes and nature. When we are on the route, we live each moment and enjoy each moment as if we were enjoying a sweet drink.

That immensity makes you reflect on how good it is to be ALIVE! Whoever participates in this test will never be the same.

Cledi Lunari, Brazil

A Extremo Sul It was a unique test for me. Due to the difficulties of training and the race itself. We feel very small on this beach. And crossing the finish line, it seems like it didn't end there.

There is that feeling that we can do much more. Thanks. Until one day I have the courage to try doing it again.

Ricardo Vigoli, Brazil


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1.1 Extremo Sul Ultramarathon – The Largest Beach in the World is a pedestrian crossing, along a 226km stretch of beach, taking place in the shortest possible time, in a “non-stop” format, but with a time limit of 54 hours for classification.

1.2 Extremo Sul Ultramarathon will take place on November 22th to 24th, 2024, limited to 80 registrations.


Participation in the race Extremo Sul Ultramarathon implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these regulations, the ethics of the event and all instructions sent by the organizer to the participants.


a) INDIVIDUAL (Male and Female Categories)

to 1) Participation in semi-autonomy between Support Bases.

to 2) PACE runners will not be allowed to participate, “athletes helping to pace another athlete”

to 3) No support car will be allowed

4.1. Registration

a) After registration, a short sports CV must be sent by email: info@extremo-sul.com. You must include links to verify completed evidence.

b) Registration will be open until the limit of 80 confirmed registrants is reached.

c) Be 18 years old on the day of the test.

d) Shipping medical document that certify your physical condition to the Organization's email up to 30 days before the start of the event

e) sending the Statement of responsibility  to the Organization's email up to 30 days before the start of the event.


To participate in the Extremo Sul Ultramarathon, it is essential:

a) Be fully aware of the extent and specificity of the event and have acquired a real capacity for personal autonomy to manage the difficulties and problems that may arise in this type of event. Having the ability to adapt to problems, predictable or not.

b) Facing weather conditions without external help, which can be very difficult due to the great distance and type of terrain (night, strong wind, cold, fog, rain, high tide).

c) Know how to manage, even in isolation, physical or mental problems caused by great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, minor injuries.

d) Please be fully aware that the role of the Organization is not to help a runner manage their problems.

e) Inform the Organization of any health problem you have, so that you can obtain first aid if necessary, such as: diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other chronic illnesses.

f) Comply with any and all decisions made by the Organization, including accepting withdrawal from the race if disqualified.

g) Under any circumstances, you may continue the race, even at your own risk, after being disqualified.

h) The athlete who continues in the race, after disqualification, even on his own, in the event of disappearance or accident, will be responsible for all costs resulting from this decision.

i) Agree to receive all emails with information about the event.

6.1. Registration Fees for periods
Type of participation 1st Batch – 01/12/23 to 31/03/24 2st Batch – 01/04/24 to 31/10/24
Individual R$1.900,00 R$2.200,00  
6.2. Signup URL

Registration must be completed online via the link: http://www.extremo-sul.com

6.3. Registration details

Each participant must correctly fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee within the stipulated period, with the participant being responsible for the veracity of their data.

6.4. With registration, the participant will be entitled to:

a) Sports insurance

b) Special event souvenir

c) 2 Bags (Drop bags for the Support Bases) to place your belongings

d) Breast number.

e) Drinks and food, while in competition, at Support Bases.

f) Medical support throughout the race

g) Transport of Drop bags to the Support Bases.

h) Transport to the place of arrival, in case of abandonment or being prevented by the Organization from continuing in the race.

i) Transport from Casino to Departure location in Chuí

j) Finisher Medal for everyone who completes the race

k) Awards party


The change of registration can only be made until October 31, 2024, that is, the last day of registration, after this date the change will not be allowed.

Registration is personal and numbers cannot be replaced without prior authorization from the Organization.

6.5. Return Land Transport, from Cassino to Porto Alegre:

Those interested in return transport should send an email to info@extremo-sul.com to make a reservation, check the cost and payment method.

The time will be decided by mutual agreement.


On the days designated for ''Check-In'', participants must present the following documents:

– ID or Passport

The athlete's kit must be picked up by the athlete himself. Collection by third parties is only permitted with proof of authorization.


a) Full refund for CANCELLATION, upon direct validation of Horizontes – Sports Tourism, will respect article 49 of law 8.078/90 of the Consumer Protection Code:

b) The consumer can withdraw from the contract, within 7 days of signing or receiving the product or service, whenever the contract for the supply of products and services occurs outside the commercial establishment, especially by telephone or at home.

c) The convenience fee is non-refundable, in this case the convenience fee will be 30% of the amount paid.

d) Up to the registration deadline, changes to the race registration or change of holder are permitted.

e) Cancellation must be requested by email to info@extremo-sul.com

f) In case of withdrawal by the participant, outside the deadline set out in letter b, the amount of this edition will be credited to the same athlete or another athlete indicated, exclusively for the 2025 edition of the Extremo Sul Ultramarathon, according to the following table:

Cancellation Table

Cancellation Credit amount
Until February 28/24 90%
Until April 30/24 75%
Until July 31/24 50%
Until October 31/24 25%

a) Any and all complaints must be put in writing and sent to the race director, within two hours of the arrival of the participant in question. The complaint must include the complainant's full identification, name of the affected participant(s), bib number and alleged reasons.

b) Provisional classifications may also be subject to complaints, up to 2 hours after their publication, by email, to the Organization: info@extremes-sul.com


a) The Organization declines all responsibility in the event of accident, negligence, theft of objects and valuables of each participant.

b) All doubts about the interpretation of the Regulations and other cases related to the event will be analyzed and decided by the Event Organization, and the athlete must send an email: info@extremo-sul.com

c) It is the sole responsibility of the Organization to approve any correction it deems appropriate and at any time, which will be published on the Internet, on the event's official website, in the participant guide and at the secretariat.

d) If this Regulation is published in other languages, and in case of doubts regarding its interpretation, the Portuguese text will be the only one considered valid.

e) By virtue of registration, payment and participation in the Extremo Sul Ultramarathon – The largest beach in the world, the competitor acknowledges that they have read, understood and accepted, without reservation, the terms and conditions of participation in the event set out in the race Regulations. Any medical and hospital expenses resulting from the athletes' physical exhaustion will be the sole responsibility of the athlete.

f) The Organization, in cases of bad weather and/or for safety reasons, reserves the right to interrupt in whole or in part, cancel in whole or in part, change times or suspend the test on the date and location foreseen. In these cases, there will be no refund to competitors of funds already paid or to sponsors.

g) Organization of the test Extremo Sul Ultramarathon, its sponsors and the entities that collaborate in the organization of this sporting event reserve the right to freely use, in all countries and in all forms, the participation of competitors, as well as the results obtained by them.

h) The event may be recorded on video and/or photographed by the event organization and journalists for later publicity use.

i) Participants who have any restrictions regarding the use of their image must notify the Organization in advance and in writing. Otherwise, they will automatically authorize use at any time, without the right to receive financial compensation from the Organization.

j) If it is detected that the athlete is using any substance mentioned in the WADA list available on the website wada-ama.org, he will be disqualified and permanently banned from future races organized by Horizontes – Sports Tourism and Travel.

K) The Company Justice Forum is established.

  1. a) There will be no markings on the route, the athlete must follow the edge of the beach. When this is not possible, in cases of high tide, you should stay along the soft sand, but always with the sea on your right side.
  2. b) There will be signage near the Support Bases, to facilitate their viewing, both during the day and at night.
  1. a) The athlete's number is personal and non-transferable and must always be visible during the race, it must be placed on the clothing, on the chest or abdomen, on the leg or on the back on the backpack.
  2. b) The athlete must bring pins or a belt
  3. c) Only participants with visible bibs will have access to the Support Bases.

11.3.1. Each athlete must be equipped with the following mandatory material:

  1. the backpack
  2. b) Containers with a total capacity of 3 liters of water.
  3. c) Aluminum emergency blanket – 4 Units
  4. d) 2 Flashlights (front or hand) with 4 sets of batteries
  5. e) Waterproof jacket with hood
  6. f) Second layer of clothing, preferably made of Polartec fabric.
  7. g) Reflective vest (The reflective vest must be worn between 18 pm and 6 am.
  8. h) Flashing red rear light (ex: bikes)
  9. i) Emergency whistle
  10. k) Cup or other container for individual use (there are no cups on the Support Bases)
  11. l) Plates and cutlery for individual use (there are no plates and cutlery in the Support Bases)
  12. m) Waste holder, whether or not integrated into the backpack (carry your rubbish with you)
  13. n) Mini first aid kit with gauze, sterilized needles, bandage, analgesic, antihistamine, petroleum jelly or anti-friction cream.
  14. o) Food reserves that are easily absorbed by the body. Suggestions: chocolate bars, dried fruits (nuts, dates) sources of protein, carbohydrate gel, banana raisins, jujube, paçoquinha, brown sugar, salt pills, seaweed snacks.
  15. p) Spot Satellite Communication Device (Without the device you will not be able to participate in the event)


The Participant Guide may add or remove mandatory items, so you must take into account what it contains. This will be sent up to 8 days before the test.

* Suggestion to avoid blisters on the feet, use a cream such as Hipoglós or another cream used to prevent diaper rash in babies.


Each athlete will be responsible for the contents of their backpack. However, at any point along the route you may be asked to show an item of mandatory equipment. If you do not have one of the items, you will be penalized as set out in item 10 “Absence of mandatory material and/or refusal to present it, if requested by the Organization – Disqualification”


  1. a) Gloves, hat, cap or neck collar (according to the weather forecast)
  2. b) Sunscreen (Highly Recommended)
  3. c) UVA/UVB glasses for the day and transparent glasses for night (Highly Recommended)
  4. d) Walksticks or staff
  5. e) Food reserves that are easily absorbed by the body. (Highly recommended)
  6. f) Salt and sugar sachets (Highly recommended)
  7. g) Second layer of clothing in Drop bags for the night. Choose lightweight, quick-drying materials: thermal fabric. (Highly recommended)
  8. h) Second skin pants for the night (Highly Recommended)
  9. i) Second skin blouse for evening (Highly Recommended)
  10. j) Spare socks (wet sneakers and socks will be a constant, as there will be many passages of water). (Highly recommended)

1nd Place – Trophy

2nd Place – Trophy

3nd Place – Trophy

4nd Place – Trophy

5nd Place – Trophy


12.2.1. Classification of each female and male category.

There will be no trophy awards

Senior I 18 the 29 years
Senior II 30 the 39 years
Veteran I 40 the 44 years
Veteran II 45 the 49 years
Veteran III 50 the 54 years
Veteran IV 55 the 59 years
Veteran V 60 years and over

The race direction and control directors present at the Support Bases and along the route are responsible for applying the rules and regulations that govern the race and are therefore authorized to apply penalties and disqualifications, established in the table below.

Types of Infraction Penalty  
Failure of one or more Support Bases Disqualification  
Leaving the Support Base after the deadline Disqualification  
Use of any means of transport Disqualification  
Disobey the security measures indicated by the Organization and associated entities Disqualification  
Refusing to provide assistance to a person in difficulty Disqualification  
Absence of mandatory material and/or refusal to present it, if requested by the Organization Disqualification  
Asking for help unnecessarily Disqualification  
Serious lack of respect for the Organization and participants (aggression or insult) Disqualification  
Ingestion of alcoholic beverages resulting in disorders or under the influence of drugs Disqualification  
Refuse to undergo medical evaluations/exams Disqualification  
Throwing rubbish on the ground and/or damaging the surrounding environment Disqualification  
Assistance outside the established area Disqualification  
Be accompanied by people not accredited by the Organization, except in areas defined by the Organization   4h
Headlight/headlight and/or rear light off at night   2h
Loss of bib number   2h

BA – These are the places designated by the Organization to provide greater assistance to the participant. In BA you will have hot food, when possible, and access to the Drop Bag. You can still sleep peacefully for some time.

The food provided at the BAs will be some freeze-dried and others cooked on site when possible.

The athlete must ensure that, from each BA, he has the quantities of water and food he needs to reach the next refueling point.

Do not forget that, due to problems associated with the environment and type of event, it may be necessary to wait for assistance longer than expected. Therefore, the primary safety of athletes basically depends on the quality of the materials/equipment they have.


Remember that the race takes place in an inhospitable place, difficult to access and often with storms and strong winds. In these cases, it is not always possible to have hot food or even the Base does not exist, if it is not possible for transport to reach the designated location. Therefore, it is important to carry enough food in your backpack and in your drop bags, adequate for the effort you expend during the race.


PC – These stations, as the name suggests, are specifically for controlling tests. However, liquids are provided (water and some may have tea and coffee).

They are not recommended for prolonged rest.

The BA and PC will be located approximately every 30 km.

When registering, the athlete must mention if they have any dietary restrictions via email to the Organization.

The athlete must ensure that he has, from each BA or PC, the quantities of water and food he needs to reach the next refueling point.


Never take for granted that the Support Base or Control Post will have hot food or drinks, this may not always happen, there may always be unforeseen circumstances, which could lead to problems in assembling the Base.


a) The time barrier is the time announced by the Organization to leave the support bases. Arriving before this time barrier does not allow you to stay longer than advertised.

b) The test is a single stage, with a time limit of 54 hours. An average pace of 14,5min/km or 4,13km/hour.

c) The time barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish line within the imposed time limit, taking into account possible stops (rest, supplies, etc.). To be authorized to continue in the race, participants must arrive and leave the Support Base before its closure, otherwise they will be prevented from continuing and, consequently, will be disqualified.

d) For reasons of force majeure (weather and/or security), the Organization reserves the right to change time barriers, before and during the event.

e) In the event of a forecast of a tide (a local term used to announce that the weather will be very rainy and windy), a south wind (which causes the tide to rise), if the forecast is justifiable for temporary suspension of the race, the Organization will neutralize it during the for as long as the test takes, and participants must remain at the Support Bases until otherwise determined.

f) In case of neutralization, the starts from the support bases will all be given at the same time and without any bonus to the participants in the order of arrival.

g) After the test has been neutralized, if it is found that all safety conditions are not met, the test will be canceled for those who were barred. In this case there is no right to any award, classification or refund of the amount paid for registration or any other type of compensation arising from this decision.

h) The athlete who is in a Support Base during the suspension of the race or partial or total cancellation, will not be able to leave.


a) There will be 2 Support Bases where you can allocate a Drop Bag for each. Participants must hand over the bags provided by the Organization (identified with the sticker provided by the Organization) at check-in with a change of clothes and other necessities. This bag will then be transported to the respective Support Bases and will be taken to the finish line after the end of the race.

b) At the end of the race, all Drop Bags will be returned to the participants.

c) At the Control Base, the athlete, in an orderly manner, without rushing, will go to the Base Director and request the respective Drop Bag.

d) The contents of the Drop Bags will not be checked, therefore complaints will not be accepted.

e) It is recommended that you do not place any valuables.

f) Under any circumstances, forgotten Drop Bags will be sent by mail.


If you intend to rest at one of the Support Bases, you must place a sleeping bag next to your Drop Bag for the Support Base you wish to rest at.

The Organization will only take 1 sleeping bag, so make your rest strategy so that you can use the sleeping bag at the planned Base, as Drop Bags will not go to the other Bases.

It is strictly prohibited to leave waste (gel containers, paper, organic waste, plastic packaging, etc.) on the route. Leave your trash at each food station.

The Organization advises runners to transport waste to the next Base or Control Post. Take plastic bags to collect toilet paper. They are to be used after a “road emergency”.


15.1 If circumstances so require, the Organization reserves the right to modify at any time departure times, time barriers, the position of Support Bases and Control Posts, as well as any other aspect linked to the good development of the race.

15.2 In case of force majeure or when the Organization believes that the necessary safety conditions are not met, situations that cause risk, are very unfavorable or other circumstances that may affect the safety of participants, the Organization reserves the right to:

– Modify departure time

– Modify time barriers

– Cancel, in whole or in part, the race at any stage, whether before or during.

– Partially or completely neutralize the race.

15.3 In case of cancellation by the Organization, for any reason, decided 15 days before the departure date, a partial CREDIT of 70% of the registration fee will be made EXCLUSIVE for the following year's edition. In case of cancellation decided less than 15 days before the race for any reason, in case of interruption or cancellation of the race after departure, no refund or credit will be granted.

15.4. In case of partial interruption at a certain time, for safety reasons, those excluded will not be classified as finishers nor will they receive finisher prizes. The test time until the place of interruption will be calculated.


November 21rd – Thursday

Accreditation/Check In

Location: Rio Grande (location to be informed)

09:00 – Opening of accreditation / Survey of trackers

10:00 – Technical Congress with athletes

12:00 – Accreditation Closing

Times subject to confirmation. Times and locations will be confirmed in the participant guide.

November 22th – Friday

06:00 – Casino.
Bus departure to Chui (Location indicated in the Participant Guide). A bus trip with all the comfort and safety lasting 3:00 hours.
Participants must already be equipped with everything ready for the start.

10:00 p.m.
Start in Chui, on Avenida Brasil at the intersection with Avenida do Uruguai, on the Border with Uruguay.

November 24th – Sunday

16:00 hours
Barra do Cassino | Big River.
Deadline for arrival of participants.

18:00 hours
Ceremony to consecrate the winners and finalists

21:00 hours
Closing of the 2024 edition

November 25th – Monday

Hotel Atlântico Praia - Barra do Cassino
In the morning at a time to be arranged for transport to Porto Alegre airport.

2023 results

Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time
1 º Murilo Sola 171 BRA M 33:20:00
2 º Gaston Grané 182 ARG M 34:55:00
3 º Juan Doormat 156 URU M 36:05:00
4 º July Becker 189 BRA M 37:14:00
5 º Arthur Costa 151 BRA M 39:06:00
6 º Fábio Spa 30 BRA M 41:40:00
7 º Alyson Stefanello 194 BRA M 42:06:00
8 º Edilson Bento 198 BRA M 42:50:00
9 º Guilherme Bravarico 191 BRA M 43:33:00
9 º Roberto Stael 134 BRA M 43:33:00
11 º Moses Torres 20 BRA M 45:29:00
11 º Luis Ramos 195 POR M 45:29:00
13 º Isadora soares 184 BRA F 46:14:00
14 º Hector Bengolea 192 ARG M 46:23:00
15 º Other Roese 201 BRA M 48:11:00
16 º Julius Santos 186 BRA M 48:46:00
17 º Fábio Ax 199 BRA M 48:58:00
18 º Salt flats Ax 188 BRA F 49:45:00
19 º Juan Devotto 193 URU M 50:42:00
20 º Carlos Freitas 78 BRA M 51:37:00
20 º Michel Lawrence 80 BRA M 51:37:00
21 º James Ribasqui 165 BRA M 52:27:00
22 º Angelita Fraga 163 BRA F 52:30:00
Angelo Benitez 29 BRA M DNF
George Coriander 60 BRA M DNF
Clediane Monday 124 BRA F DNF
Caio Pandolfo 150 BRA M DNF
Elicarlos Lima 185 BRA M DNF
Christian Costa 187 BRA M DNF
Bridget Wefelnberg 196 DEU F DNF
Claudia Correa 197 BRA F DNF
William Larina 200 BRA M DNF

Results from previous years

Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time
1 Geovane Griesang 139 BRA M 33:20:00
2 Wolmar Fernandes de Souza 82 BRA M 37:00:00
2 Fábio from Moura Spá 30 BRA M 37:00:00
1 lucinara Luchese Warrior 177 BRA F 38:07:00
3 James Marcon 148 BRA M 40:11:00
4 Ricardo Vigils 146 BRA M 40:11:00
2 Andreia Souza 140 BRA F 43:20:00
6 Giuseppe of rose 178 BRA M 44:38:00
7 Moses Carmona Torres 20 BRA M 46:25:00
3 Mara Lucia Silva 161 BRA F 46:33:00
8 Arthur Moraes Costa 151 BRA M 47:07:00
4 Cristina da Cunha 183 URU F 47:20:00
9 Lumin Zheng 181 CHN M 47:40:00
10 Carlos Remus 175 BRA M 51:33:00
10 Luciano Stankowski 176 BRA M 51:33:00
11 Agildo Gregorio da Silva 173 BRA M 52:42:00
12 Mark Pink Sinks 174 BRA M 53:04:00
12 John Tibiriçá Indian from Costa Valença 169 BRA M 53:04:00
12 Michel Cardoso Lourenço 80 BRA M 53:04:00
Gaston Ruiz Grané 182 ARG M DNF
Ariosvaldo Junior Steps 21 BRA M DNF
Michele Moura 143 BRA M DNF
Roger Cold 179 BRA M DNF
Sidenei Feliponi 168 BRA M DNF
Carlos Augusto de Freitas 78 BRA M DNF
Gustavo Lemos 149 BRA M DNF
Alexandre Manhe de Oliveira 172 BRA M DNF
Denis Sanchez Wolpert 153 BRA M DNF
George Coriander Paes 60 BRA M DNF
Murilo Cesar Sola 171 BRA M DNF
Caio Pandolfo 150 BRA M DNF
Paulo Roberto pereira 155 BRA M DNF
Gustavo from Castilhos Susin 33 BRA M DNF
Clediane Monday 124 BRA F DNF
Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time
1 Vitor Rodrigues 170 POR M 27:00:00
2 Luis Ax 167 POR M 34:00:00
3 Geovane Griesang 139 BRA M 37:57:00
4 Juan Doormat 156 URU M 40:28:00
5 Clovis Oak 166 BRA M 41:45:00
6 Moses Torres 20 BRA M 44:06:00
7 Wolmar de Souza 82 BRA M 44:33:00
8 Paulo dos_Santos 158 BRA M 44:51:00
9 Thiago de Souza 157 BRA M 45:16:00
10 Leonardo Lara 130 BRA M 47:30:00
11 Mara Silva 161 BRA F 48:48:00
12 Ronaldo Ax 162 BRA M 49:25:00
13 Nelson Shellfish 137 BRA M 49:38:00
14 Delino Take 62 BRA M 50:22:00
15 Marcus tenorio 160 BRA M 50:22:00
16 Marcia Lima 154 BRA F 50:57:00
17 Clediane Monday 124 BRA F 51:00:00
18 Sergio Barros 108 BRA M 51:19:00
19 Marlon Falcão 164 BRA M 51:36:00
Angelo Benitez 29 BRA M DNF
Fábio Spa 30 BRA M DNF
Sergio cedano 51 BRA M DNF
Christian Vicente 64 BRA M DNF
Alex Azambuja 79 BRA M DNF
Michel Lawrence 80 BRA M DNF
William Border 107 BRA M DNF
Mark Days 117 BRA M DNF
Simone Winter 118 BRA M DNF
Jonathan Pasolini 125 BRA M DNF
Sandro Cassuriaga 126 BRA M DNF
Renan Neves 127 BRA M DNF
David Junior 129 BRA M DNF
Mark Anchieta 135 BRA M DNF
Cátia Geremia 136 BRA F DNF
John Net 138 BRA M DNF
Andreia Souza 140 BRA F DNF
Eduardo Gouveia 142 BRA M DNF
deise Pine 145 BRA F DNF
Edivaldo Silva 147 BRA M DNF
Artur Costa 151 BRA M DNF
Wake Rodrigues 152 BRA F DNF
Alexandre Prandini 153 BRA M DNF
Paulo Pereira 155 BRA M DNF
Pedro Son 159 BRA M DNF
Angelita de_Fraga 163 BRA F DNF
James Ribasqui 165 BRA M DNF
Christian Lima 141 BRA M DNF
Carlos de_Freitas 78 BRA M DSQ
Nara de_Oliveira 47 BRA M DNS
Marcelo He had to 61 BRA F DNS
Roberto Stael 134 BRA M DNS
Giuseppe de_Rosa 178 ITA M DNS
Andrea Rodrigues 131 BRA F DNS
Glaucous Alves 146 BRA M DNS
Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time
1 Joao  Olive tree 116  POR M 27:45:00
2 Wagner  Martins 105  BRA M 30:04:00
3 Ivoneti  It 73  BRA F 33:50:00
4 Eugenia  Challiol 17  ARG F 35:46:00
5 Rosana  Almeida 120  BRA F 36:10:00
6 Sergio  cedano 51  BRA M 40:00:00
7 Adilson  Hertel 122  BRA M 40:00:00
8 Moises  Torres 20  BRA M 42:19:00
9 Coriander  George 60  BRA M 43:08:00
10 Cleide  Brands 35 BRA F 44:17:00
11 Sandro  Cassuriaga 126 BRA M 45:02:00
12 Vladimir  Santos 2 BRA M 47:08:00
13 Eduardo  Pinto 65 BRA M 48:26:00
14 Mark  Rose 53 BRA M 48:54:00
15 Christian  Vicente 64 BRA M 48:56:00
16 Thiago  willians 113 BRA M 49:22:00
17 Sergio  De Souza 87 BRA M 50:10:00
18 Alex  Azambuja 79 BRA M 50:15:00
19 NELSI  Strelow 112 BRA M 50:40:00
20 Ana  Fauat 109 BRA F 51:05:00
21 Ariosvaldo  Junior 21 BRA M 51:29:00
22 Mark  Days 117 BRA M 51:54:00
23 Michel  Lawrence 80 BRA M 51:54:00
24 Jeans  Moraes 106 BRA M 52:12:00
Clediane Monday 124 BRA F DNF
Dalton Brook 55 BRA M DNF
Fábio Spa 30 BRA M DNF
Francisco Ax 123 BRA M DNF
Jonathan Pasolini 125 BRA M DNF
Paulo Costa 40 BRA M DNF
Pedro Jung 81 BRA M DNF
Rodrigo Arcari 103 BRA M DNF
William Border 107 BRA M DNF
Wladimir Souza 34 BRA M DNF
Alic Viana 121 BRA M DNF
Wolmar Souza 82 BRA M DNF
Gabriela Segovia 69 ARG F DNF
Mark varjão 50 BRA M DNF
Carlos Freitas 78 BRA M DNF
roner Rocha 38 BRA M DNF
Leonidas Pinto 115 BRA M DNF
Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time
1 Alex Sandro  Alves 41  BRA M 35:25:23
2 Fabio  Spa 30  BRA M 35:50:12
3 Oraldo  Romualdo 3  BRA M 39:20:03
4 Ivoneti It 73  BRA F 40:00:03
5 cleverson  Pohlod 88  BRA M 42:24:06
6 Moises  Carmona 20  BRA M 44:45:02
7 Pedro  Jung 81  BRA M 45:05:26
8 Karine  Menezes 98  BRA F 46:00:01
9 Sabrina  screeners 71  BRA F 46:10:14
10 Delino  Tom 62  BRA M 46:25:28
11 Fabiana Bannwart 84  BRA F 50:43:34
Angelo Benitez 29  BRA M DNF
Danilo Short 43  BRA M DNF
Mark Rose 53  BRA M DNF
Roberto Abb 85  BRA M DNF
Paulo Costa 40  BRA M DNF
Jhonny Bucher 76  BRA M DNF
Clodis Boscarioli 75  BRA M DNF
Marcello Holy 86  BRA M DNF
Luiz Mandic 13  BRA M DNF
Alex Azambuja 79  BRA M DNF
Michel Lawrence 80  BRA M DNF
Gustavo Susin 33  BRA M DNF
Roger Cardoso 95  BRA M DNF
Ashbel Almeida 97  BRA M DNF
Gabriel Azambuja 99  BRA M DNF
James Silva 83  BRA M DNF
Thales Terciotte 91  BRA M DNF
Marcelo kajiwara 74  BRA M DNS
Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time
1 Angelo  Benitez 29  BRA M 30:50:21
2 Christian  Marcelino 68  BRA M 34:03:12
3 Alessandro  Alves 41  BRA M 34:53:21
4 Jose  Dworakowski 70  BRA M 34:53:22
5 Luis  Gottschall 52  BRA M 36:09:03
6 Gustavo  Susin 33  BRA M 37:22:24
7 Delino  Tom 62  BRA M 37:45:13
8 Christian  Radkowski 54  BRA M 40:43:02
9 Fabio  Spa 30  BRA M 46:27:17
10 Mello  Adriano 58  BRA M 49:30:41
11 Gabriela  Segovia 69  ARG F 49:55:05
12 George  Moreno 66  MEX M 50:05:00
13 Paulo  Costa 40  BRA M 51:00:01
14 Ricardo  Costa 5  BRA M 51:00:02
15 TT  Rose 37  BRA M 53:18:06
16 Ronaldo Maia 63  BRA M 53:30:30
He had to Marcelo 61 BRA M DNF
Junior Ariosvaldo 21 BRA M DNF
varjão Mark 50 BRA M DNF
cedano Sergio 51 BRA M DNF
Ferreira Mark 56 BRA M DNF
Vaz Claudio 57 BRA M DNF
Curd Bruno 59 FRA M DNF
Brook Dalton 55 BRA M DNF
Coriander George 60 BRA M DNF
Pinto Eduardo 65 BRA M DNF
Espirito Santo Marcelo 67 BRA M DNF
chimer Sabrina 71 BRA F DNF
Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time
1 Joao  Schena 22  BRA M 29:25:00
2 Anibal  laundress 1  URU M 30:30:00
3 Angelo  Benitez 29  BRA M 33:50:00
4 Wladimir  Souza 34  BRA M 33:51:00
5 Alves  itamar 51  BRA M 37:18:00
6 Cleide Brands 35  BRA F 37:19:00
7 Robert  Lugo 49  URU M 37:19:00
8 Moises  Carmona 20  BRA M 37:41:00
9 Emerson Corrales 31  BRA M 41:18:00
10 Alejandro  Almiron 16  ARG M 44:11:00
11 Eugenia  Challiol 17  ARG F 44:11:00
12 Danilo  Short 43  BRA M 45:38:00
13 Camila  Mat 28  BRA F 45:43:00
14 ABOUT US  Brook 23  BRA M 47:20:00
15 Felipe  Carmargo 18  BRA M 47:25:00
16 Francisco  Junior 25  BRA M 47:25:00
17 Carlos  Maringoli 12  BRA M 49:07:00
18 Gustavo  Susin 33  BRA M 49:25:00
19 Jose  Carluche 32  ARG M 49:45:00
20 John  The earth 45  BRA M 49:45:00
21 Roberto  Tabata 6  BRA M 50:20:00
22 Mark  Ladislaus 4  BRA M 50:21:00
23 oberdan  Schiefelbein 46  BRA M 50:22:00
24 Alex Sandro Alves 41  BRA M 52:39:00
25 Fernando  Alves 44  BRA M 53:01:00
26 Edvandro  Lincoln 42  BRA M 53:40:00
Position Name Last Name Dorsal Nat. M / F Test Time
1 Anibal  laundress 77  URU M 33:52:02
2 Oraldo  Silva 11  BRA M 37:09:23
3 Felipe Costa 10  BRA M 38:14:45
4 Ariovaldo  White 68  BRA M 38:33:25
5 Andreia  Rabbit 42  BRA F 40:45:33
6 Danilo  Short 45  BRA M 42:33:18
7 Ana  equipment 2  BRA F 42:33:19
8 Francisco  Paes 62  BRA M 44:15:06
9 Moises  Carmona 63  BRA M 44:35:23
10 Dart  for sure 20  URU M 47:12:26
11 Gustavo  Susin 40  BRA M 52:40:02
12 Delino  Tom 16  BRA M 53:55:56
13 Artemio  Net 61  BRA M 54:35:36
14 Wilson  from the woods 24  BRA M 55:17:00
15 Ivan  Bielak 73  BRA F 56:45:45
16 Edition  Borba 29  BRA M 56:45:46
17 Raul  Baptist 83  ECU M 58:24:36


Is the route marked?

No. The references are the sea on the right from start to finish.

Will I walk many kilometers alone?

Yes. In some parts of the route the isolation is total. The feeling of isolation will be greater the deeper into the night they go.

What type of route do I find?

The route is essentially on the beach, with the exception of the kilometers connecting Chui and Barra do Chui, which will be on asphalt and via the RS 699.

Can I be assisted on the route?

No. Support outside the Support Bases (BA) is penalized with disqualification. Assistance outside the BA is only permitted for the Organization and for medical help.

What are the temperatures like at this time of year?

Variable and unpredictable. We have already had editions with temperatures above 35º and below 20. We have already run in rain, strong wind and thunder, under real storms of wind and rain. We have already been forced to interrupt the race for some participants because the conditions did not offer the comfort and safety that everyone deserves.

What are Support Bases?

These are places where all participants can eat, drink and rest. These are places where silence and harmony must prevail.

How many support bases are there?

They will be in quantity and quality that allow you to overcome the challenge with comfort and safety. In the case of this edition there will be 6.

What kind of supplies will I find?

At the Support Bases, BA, the organization will provide solid and liquid food in the quantity and quality necessary to replenish energy and hydrate. The organization will also take care to make available food suitable for the type of effort you are expending.

Are there supplies along the way?

Yes. However, the test must be carried out in self-sufficiency between support bases. Deliberate support outside the support bases is not permitted and results in immediate disqualification.

Can I sleep outside the support bases?

Should not. Resting outside of support bases requires special care, such as getting out of the way that most cars use. Avoid leaving the sea. Whenever it does so, it leaves a mark indicating that it is close.

How do I get to Rio Grande?

For those who are not from the state of RS, foreigners, the most practical solution is to travel by plane to Porto Alegre and then by bus to Rio Grande. The journey between the two cities can take up to 5 hours. If you are traveling in a group, it may be worth renting a car in Porto Alegre.

There are plane trips between Porto Alegre and Pelotas. Consult your travel agency. Pelotas is just over 40 minutes from Rio Grande.

How do I travel from the meeting place to the start point?

The organization provides this transportation on race day.

How do I travel after the race? Do you have a bus?

The organization provides this solution by offering, for a fee, the possibility of a bus stopping by the hotel early in the morning to take everyone to Porto Alegre Airport.

Do I have mandatory equipment?

Yes, they exist. They will be indicated in the participant guide.

Can I have the T-shirt finisher medal without having finished the race?

No. These prizes are exclusively for those who finish the race. We wouldn't be fair to those who did everything, sometimes in extreme conditions, to finish the race.

What is the maximum test time?

54 hours is the maximum time to complete the entire race distance.

Do I have to take batteries?

We recommend that you do so. Bring batteries so that your equipment, such as headlights, works whenever you need them.

Are there time barriers?

The time barriers between support bases will be indicated in the participant guide to be sent days before the race. They are to be fulfilled by everyone.

What do I need to participate?

Have adequate physical condition and be prepared for the difficulties of the race. It is also necessary not to suffer from any health problems that limit the practice of ultra sports. endurance.

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