The project Horizontes, sports tourism is always changing and trying to keep up with the times. From now on, we will prioritize information through the newsletter to the detriment of other platforms. This is a new beginning of this project.

We group events into concepts. In the segment Endurance we will have non-stop and no-booking events. At the Ultra Trail those that have mountain characteristics and are marked out. O "Stage Race” groups all events with these characteristics.

In this first contact we want to leave you information about our achievements until the end of the year and the next in the order in which they will happen.

Calendar 2023 and 2024


…the longest beach in the world. There are 223 km of immense desert sand that sometimes looks more like a horizontal abyss. It is in Brazil, in the far south and on the border with Uruguay. You can even start the race with one foot in Brazil and the other in Uruguay.

Registration is open until mid-November. Anyone interested in going, contact us to help you find the best solutions.

Know more at https://extremo-sul.com

PROENÇA CROSS TRAIL / December 9, 2023

After two years of forced break, the PCT returns to Proença-a-Nova for its X edition. It's a return to one of the oldest off-road races in the country. 11 years have passed!

It was here that many started and others completed their first ultra distance. Let's remember this and further enrich your achievements in our organizations.

If you were one of the pioneers of the PCT, sign up. If you didn't go, sign up anyway.


TERRA DE GIGANTES ULTRAMARATHON / January 18th to 21st, 2024

The second edition of the crossing of Portugal from east to west is almost here. It's just over 3 months away! It is 303km from Serra da Estrela to Nazaré. From the highest point in Portugal to the biggest wave in the world in a maximum of 72 hours.

Registration is open on https://terradegigantes.com and if you want to participate, you don't need to pay everything now. Contact us to find out how.

Ultra trail Serra da Estrela / June 7, 8 and 9, 2024

The first 100km trail in Portugal is in its 13th edition and the 100 miles in its 11th. For the next edition, we intend to maintain the guidelines and look for improvements in some aspects that we consider necessary.

It will be the 13th edition and registrations open in November.


PT281 ULTRAMARATHON / July 18th to 21st, 2024

The next edition ends on a full moon night. This implies that the previous nights will be very clear and unique. If the sky is cloudless, the nights will be so clear that you don't need to use a headlamp, but the day, oh the day... traditionally in the transition to the full moon, they are torrid!

Will the scorching days of previous editions be repeated in 2024?

Registration opens next month.

Know more at https://pt281.com

Portugal from north to south

We are reformulating the concept after a year in which we did not have the necessary demand. We are already working on solutions that in the future will allow this challenge to be viable and with the success we want.

We'll give you the news in a short time.



It is a “Silver” race, which implies more responsibility and care. Let's, once again, allow the winner to go to the grand final of the team world championship.

We do not yet have a date for the edition in 2024, but this could happen very soon.



It is scheduled for May 2024 and will be an experimental edition. In the heart of Brazil, the Jalapão, is one of the most sought after community-based tourism destinations in Brazil. It is an imposing, mysterious, long, hot and fantastically beautiful place. It is also a quiet and safe region.

Tourism figures reveal that 70% of tourists are groups of women. A number that reveals confidence in destiny.

If you like stage races this could be your challenge in 2024. This experimental and special edition will be limited to 12 people and will have much lower participation costs.

If you want to be one of the pioneers, contact us: info@horizontes. Pt

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