A Horizontes is always innovating, which is why we have just created our Finishers Club, dedicated to all athletes who in the company's 25 years have completed a race of 100 km or more. These athletes will have a set de benefits that will make a difference in our future organizations.

It is a Club with almost 1000 people, de 26 different countries, created with the intention de bring together all this critical mass and this capacityde de overcome barriers, to the benefit de causes and people.

It is, however, still early for medemore concrete. For now, before de let's give soul to ideSo, how about we get together, to reconnect and to honor those who are part of the history of Horizontes?

And of course, as good Portuguese that we are, any and all deSorry is a good way to get together around the table, so we intend to organize a dinner on the day 9 de deDecember, in Proença-a-Nova, on the day of Proença Cross Trail.

Registration for the race is free for these athletes. This is our effort so that you can be with us in the first “Gala dos dos dos finishers".

To take advantage of the offer, simply send an email confirming your interest to: info@horizontes. Pt and in response you will receive a voucher for the total value of the registration, which will necessarily have de do in page of the event.

Dinner will have a fair cost for the menu we will choose and is open to family and friends. We just need you to confirm us by 24/11, the number de people who come.

When you do so, you will receive an email with all the information regarding the dinner.

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