Kit PBR500

Kit PBR500


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PBR500 is a long distance challenge.

The course must be self-sufficient, on mountain biking bikes and guided by GPS. The total length of the course is 500km with a deadline of 60 hours for completion.

Elevation Positive: 12.683 meters – Non-binding values

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Kit PBR500

The inscription includes:

  • Insurance of personal accidents and civil liability.
  • The GPS track tracks
  • Tracking Tracker on line
  • Event Reminder
  • Jersey Finisher for whoever finishes the race.
  • Solid and liquid foods in 3 Bases of Support
  • Transport of Drop Bags to 3 Bases of Support and 4 Control Points


The Drop Bags will be transported with the following items and equipment of the athlete:

  • Clothing and footwear
  • Hygiene products
  • Liquid and solid feed without cold storage
  • Bed and mattress bag – You should choose only 1 Support Base
  • Bicycle Maintenance Equipment

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