25 years

SINCE 1998


… since 1998.

What we experience is what shapes and transforms us.

Over the almost 25 years of the project Horizontes, all our events, whether successful or not, we always shape them for one purpose: to offer unique and untold experiences in places of high human, historical and/or natural value. In this time and space we want you to experience new aromas, new flavors, to get to know other people and cities. History, customs, traditions and ethnography are important parts of this Sports Tourism or “Maratourism” project

In this ¼ century, we have already climbed to the highest point in Portugal, Serra da Estrela, we have crossed Portugal from north to south, from east to west or just Beira Baixa. We have already ventured through the historic town of Sintra, Ericeira and since 2015 we have headed to Brazil to cross the longest beach in the world, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

There are more than 100 events organized and many friends around the world.


Paulo Garcia
Event organization
Portuguese, 53 years old, married and has 1 child.
His whole life is closely linked to sport. In 1998 she created the Horizontes, in Portugal, and since then has developed more than 100 sporting events between Portugal and Brazil.
Dreamer and believer that anything is possible…you just have to want it.

Sandra Costa
Financial management
Brazilian, 52 years old, married and has 1 child.
A lawyer by training, she enters the world of sports through organizing events. Adventurous by nature, capable of changing continents in search of her dream, makes her a point of balance between emotion and reason in the work team. With good organization and management skills, she brought to the organization other possibilities to follow the path and leave the adventure.

Joaquim Alves
Event Operation
Patient, discreet, but attentive and self-taught. All the race routes have Joaquim's finger on them. Minutia, detail, organization are his strengths. His ability to analyze and visual memory are extremely valuable attributes that he uses like no one else. He is fond of Chinese culture.

Paulo Cesar Borges

Cheerful, spontaneous and with long white hair, he has a commanding and assertive voice. Military training, organization and details are part of the entire process and his day to day life.
He likes a good joke and a good sparkling green wine.

Silvia Rocha

With a girl's face, enchanted smile, she works like no one else. Big heart and always available. Businesswoman, mother and drooling grandmother, has in Extremo Sul Ultramarathon a challenge, as she says, a learning experience with each passing year.

Marcos Rosa

Ultramarathon runner, finalist and pioneer of Extremo Sul. Military training gives you organization, method and patience. He was a runner, a volunteer and is now part of the organizational team.

Alexandra dos Santos

Easy smile and loud laugh mark his presence. He speaks several languages ​​and also writes. He has lived in other countries, absorbed other cultures, which gives him another experience and maturity to help us reach further and more people.