17 to 21 JULY 2024
Beira Baixa – Portugal


17 to 21 JULY 2024
low edge


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“If you ever want to talk to God, this is the race…”
Victor Rodrigues.

It's a race where temperatures rise to beyond the 40th. The heat is suffocating and many of the participants classify it as the hardest they have ever done.

These are mandatory conditions for being happy, and being one of the finalists in this race, to have a real capacity for autonomy, to be self-sufficient and to know how to navigate the entire route using GPS equipment.

With PT281 Ultramarathon we crossed an entire region in the interior of Portugal: the low edge. A region with a moderate climate for most of the year, but in July, especially, it is characterized by intense and torrid heat.

281 km

66 hours

6500 D +


Self sufficiency

Belmonte > Proença-a-Nova


Event Details

  • Reception for athletes: 17 July 2024
  • Competition Date: 18 to 21 July 2024
  • Distance: 281 km
  • Positive slope: 6500m

  • Starting point: Belmonte
  • Arrival point: Proença-a-Nova
  • Route: Linear
  • Limit time: 66 hours
  • Departure date: 18 July 2024
  • Time to go: 18: 00h
  • Consecration Ceremony: 21 July 2024
  • Ceremony time: 18: 00h

Support base Intermediate Accumulated Hourly Barrier
Number Location Distance D+ D- Distance D+ D- Time Date
Match Belmonte 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1 Sabugal 35 950 785 35,1 950 785 01:30:00 19/07/24
2 Penamacor 51,2 1190 1180 86,2 2140 1965 12:00:00 19/07/24
3 penha garcia 42,4 990 990 128,6 3130 2955 22:30:00 19/07/24
4 Idanha a Nova 28,2 590 590 156,8 3720 3545 06:00:00 20/07/24
5 Lentiscals 43,4 580 620 200,2 4300 4165 19:00:00 20/07/24
6 Old Town of Ródão 30,8 510 540 231 4810 4705 02:00:00 21/07/24
7 Hills of the Lady 26,7 1000 1020 257,7 5810 5725 08:30:00 21/07/24
8 Proença-a-Nova 24,2 650 630 281,9 6460 6355 12:00:00 21/07/24

Map and Altimetry

What the athletes say…

A PT281 It’s “that proof”. The spirit of ultramarathonism is somewhat the essence of this race. Self-sufficiency beyond food and drink is above all the ability to be alone, completely isolated from the world. We spent hours isolated, in a depopulated Beira Baixa, somewhere between Spain and the other Portugal, and in which we found everything that is possible to find in ultramarathon running.

And then, in the middle of this whole trip, life examples appear that we pick up and read, copying what we can, which are some veterans of the race, and especially the veterans of conquest, those who conquered themselves with ultramarathon running. And it's funny that these people come to PT281 as if they were coming for a spiritual retreat, trying to understand if they still have the capacity to be so alone, so dependent on themselves, but at the same time knowing that, when they least expect it, they will find a helping hand. This is what continues to bring me and many of those here here.

Rui Pine, Portugal

Each year is different, from the 1st edition to this, the 8th edition. The test is slightly different, but also the sensations we bring and the people with whom we share the experience are going through different things! Being with these people and sharing this adventure with them makes us grow together. I know we all leave here different people. On Sunday we are no longer the same people we were on Thursday, when we left. I love this in PT281, it's what keeps me coming back.

Levi Rizk, USA

I came here to challenge myself, not to compete. I wanted to do something different than usual, like facing extreme heat, for example. I like to challenge myself to face the worst possible conditions, it's what motivates me. The harder it is, the better it is for me.

The most complicated moments were on the second and third nights, because I can't manage sleep deprivation well and they were very long nights. I ended up sleeping somewhere, I had hallucinations, I saw a lot of things, a lot of people, giants, monsters. A kind of dream where I saw myself saying hello to people and things that didn't exist, it was crazy!

It exceeded all my expectations!

Habiba Benahmed, França

(Nuno) Our limits are in our heads and we came here to prove that it is possible to break them. (Serginho) Nothing is easy, in life nothing is easy, people are the ones who impose certain limits on themselves. A PT281 it just proves that people, with or without physical limitations, can overcome these challenges. What a wonderful opportunity that Paulo and Sandra gave us to make a difference!

Nuno Porão and Serginho Melo, Portugal and Brazil (PT281 in a wheelchair)

It's difficult for me to talk about PT. Some may want to come and race against someone, but for me that's not the approach. The challenge is with me! After having made so many edits, the goal is always to try to find the best of myself in the test.

There are so many hours, so much time alone, that I think we leave here different, regardless of the result.

Rui Luz, Portugal

I ran this race 7 times and was a Finisher 6 times. What makes this competition great is the territory where it takes place, Beira Baixa. Its people, its landscapes and above all the high quality of the corridors that we find here. I was lucky to run with them and make great friends, both among the athletes and with the organization.

Miguel Lara, Spain (España)

While passing through the “Valley of Death” I saw and heard things that didn't exist, I didn't lose track of myself because I knew it was something that could happen. Basically, I kept moving forward until I reached the last gas station, where I had the real idea that I could win and break the race record.” It's one of those events where you should come if you really want to challenge yourself!

Marco Pinto, Portugal


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- A PT281® Ultramarathon is a co-organization of Horizontes Sports Tourism and Travel and the Interior Convida Association, with the support of the Chambers of Proença-a-Nova, Belmonte, Sabugal, Penamacor, Idanha a Nova and Vila Velha de Ródão.


– Participation in PT281® Ultramarathon implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these regulations, the ethics of the event and all instructions sent by the organizer to the participants.

– It is essential that participants help anyone in danger and alert the nearest checkpoint or contact the organization.

3.1 Age of participation

– All people aged 20 or over at the time of registration.

– Although there are no restrictions for participation in the race, it is highly recommended to have already participated in other long races (100km or more), lasting several days.

– The organization reserves the right not to accept registration, whenever it considers that the interested party does not meet the minimum requirements to participate.

3.2 Regularized registration

– Insert a medical document on the platform that certifies your physical condition

– The Term of Responsibility is mandatory for all participants and is accepted by the participant during the registration process.

– To participate in the event, the athlete must have their registration previously regularized within the established deadlines and accept all the rules contained in these regulations.

– Respond to the Economic Impact Questionnaire of PT281® Ultramarathon, which will be sent to all participants on June 15, 2024. The aforementioned questionnaire will be sent by email and must be answered by June 31, 2024.

3.3 Physical conditions

– Be fully aware of the extent and specificity of the event and have acquired the capacity for personal autonomy to manage the difficulties and problems that may arise in this type of event, especially those related to changes in weather conditions, and have the ability to be autonomous between gas stations, in relation to food, clothing and security.

– You must know how to face physical and mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, etc.

– Be aware that it is not the organization’s role to help a participant overcome these problems and that this depends mainly on their ability to adapt to the problematic situations arising from this type of event. Therefore, the primary safety of athletes basically depends on the quality of the materials/equipment they have.

– Inform the Organization of any health problem you have, so that you can obtain first aid if necessary, such as: diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other chronic diseases.

– The Organization reserves the right to exclude from the event, even before it begins, any participant who, through their behavior, affects the management and/or its proper functioning. If this occurs, the athlete will not be reimbursed.

4.1 Registration process

– Registration is carried out using the specific form that will be available at: https://stopandgo.net and you can obtain more information on the website https://horizontes.pt.

– Any questions related to registrations, athletes should contact via email: info@horizontes.pt or number 274673139.

– After registering, information about the various payment methods will be sent.

4.2 Registration fees and periods
Category 01/11/23 a 31/02/24 01/03/24 a 15/06/24 16/06/24 a 30/06/24
Solo € 360,00 € 410,00 € 460,00

For installment payments, send email to info@horizontes.pt, in order to receive more information

4.3 Cancellation/change of registration conditions

– Changes to participant data are not permitted after June 30, 2024.

– In case of withdrawal, the amount for this edition will be credited to the same athlete or another athlete you indicate, exclusively for the 2025 edition of PT 281® Ultramarathon, according to the following table:

dropouts Credit amount
Until March 31/24 75%
Until May 31/24 50%
Until June 30/24 25%

NOTE: There will be no cash refunds.

4.4 Regularized registration includes:

– Presence gift